Who is Adonis? Adonis Meaning

The name “Adonis” resonates with an aura of beauty and allure, often evoking images of a handsome figure from ancient mythology. This article delves into the depths of Adonis meaning, exploring its definition, origin, synonyms, antonyms, and how to pronounce it.

What is The Meaning Adonis?

Beyond its literal definition, the name Adonis carries an air of aesthetic charm and captivating attractiveness. It is not merely a label but a portrayal of physical and sometimes spiritual perfection.

Where Did The Word Adonis Mean Origin ?

The roots of Adonis meaning can be traced back to Greek mythology. Adonis was a mortal youth of remarkable beauty, beloved by the goddess Aphrodite. His tragic tale involves love, rivalry, and a premature death, symbolizing the transience of beauty and the cycle of nature.

What is The Opposite of a Adonis?

While Adonis represents beauty, its opposite might be associated with qualities like ugliness or plainness. The term ‘Adonis’ sets a standard for physical attractiveness, making its opposite subjective and often culturally influenced.

What are Synonym to Adonis?

Synonyms for Adonis encompass words like “handsome,” “gorgeous,” “attractive,” and “charming.” These words capture the essence of Adonis, emphasizing an aesthetic appeal that goes beyond mere looks.

How to Pronounce Adonis?

Adonis is pronounced as uh-don-is, with the emphasis on the first syllable. This pronunciation guide ensures that the name is enunciated with the grace and precision it deserves.

What is The Meaning of Adonis in a Sentence?

In a sentence, Adonis can be used to describe someone as, “He possessed the charm and grace of an Adonis, turning heads wherever he went.”

what is the Adonis Meaning Example?

An exemplary use of Adonis in a context might be, “The protagonist’s features were so strikingly handsome that he was often likened to an Adonis, captivating everyone in his presence.”

What is The Abstemious of Adonis?

The term ‘abstemious’ in conjunction with Adonis would suggest a restrained or moderate approach to maintaining one’s beauty. It implies a balance between indulgence and self-discipline in matters of appearance.

What is The Similar Meaning of Adonis?

Similar words that echo the charm of Adonis include “heartthrob,” “stunner,” and “beau.” These words encapsulate the idea of someone exceptionally appealing. Adonis Meaning

What is The Antonyms of Adonis?

Antonyms of Adonis might include words like “unattractive,” “ordinary,” or “homely.” These terms represent a deviation from the perceived ideal of beauty associated with Adonis.

Adonis Meaning in Different Languages

Adonis Meaning In Marathiसुंदर तरुण (Sundar Tarun)
Adonis Meaning In EnglishAn exceptionally handsome young man or symbol of male beauty
Adonis Meaning In Karnatakaಸುಂದರ ಯುವಕ (Sundara Yuvaka)
Adonis Meaning In Hindiसुंदर युवक (Sundar Yuvak)
Adonis Meaning In Tamilஅழகான இளம் ஆண் (Azhaṅāṉ ilam āṇ)
Adonis Meaning In Malayalamസുന്ദരനായ യുവ (Sundaranaya Yuv)
Adonis Meaning In Urduخوبصورت جوان مرد (Khubsurat Jawan Mard)
Adonis Meaning In Bengaliসুন্দর যুবক (Sundor Yubok)
Adonis Meaning In Japaneseハンサムな若者 (Hansamu na Wakamono)
Adonis Meaning In Odiaସୁନ୍ଦର ଯୁବକ (Sundara Yubak)
Adonis Meaning In ItalianBello Giovane Uomo
Adonis Meaning In Gujaratiસુંદર યુવક (Sundar Yuvak)
Adonis Meaning In GreekΚαλόγηρος νέος άνδρας (Kalóyiros néos ándras)
Adonis Meaning In Haryanviसुंदर छोरा (Sundar Chhora)
Adonis Meaning In Kannadaಸುಂದರ ಯುವಕ (Sundara Yuvaka)
Adonis Meaning In Arabicشاب وسيم (Shab Wasim)
Adonis Meaning In Assameseসুন্দৰ তৰুণ (Sundor Tarun)
Adonis Meaning In Nepaliसुन्दर युवक (Sundar Yuvak)
Adonis Meaning In LatinPulcher Adolescens
Adonis Meaning In SpanishJoven Apuesto
Adonis Meaning In Punjabiਸੁੰਦਰ ਜਵਾਨ ਮਾਨ (Sundar Javan Maan)
Adonis Meaning In Chinese英俊的年轻男子 (Yīngjùn de Niánqīng Nánzǐ)
Adonis Meaning In Sinhalaසුන්දර හාස් යුවක් (Sundara Has Yuwak)
Adonis meaning  TagalogGuwapong Binata
Adonis Meaning In Slanghandsome young man or symbol of male beauty
Adonis Meaning In ZuluIndoda Encinci Encinci
Adonis Meaning In Sanskritसुन्दरः युवकः (Sundarah Yuvakah)
Adonis Meaning In GermanHübscher junger Mann
Who is Adonis? Adonis Meaning

Frequently Asked Questions on Adonis

What is Adonis the god of?

Adonis is not a god but a mortal youth from Greek mythology. He is associated with beauty and desire, particularly revered for his extraordinary handsomeness.

What does Adonis symbolize?

Adonis symbolizes beauty, youth, and the transient nature of life. His myth is often interpreted as a metaphor for the cycle of nature, with his untimely death and rebirth.

Who is the female Adonis?

There isn’t a female equivalent of Adonis. Adonis himself is a male figure, and in Greek mythology, he is the mortal lover of the goddess Aphrodite.

Who did Adonis love?

Adonis was deeply in love with Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. Their passionate relationship is a central theme in the mythological stories surrounding Adonis.

Is Adonis a guy or a girl?

Adonis is a male figure. In mythology, he is a handsome mortal youth, celebrated for his exceptional beauty.

Why was Adonis so handsome?

Adonis’ exceptional beauty is a divine gift from the goddess Aphrodite. According to mythology, he was born to be incredibly handsome, attracting the admiration of many.

Who was jealous of Adonis?

In mythology, both Persephone, the queen of the underworld, and Aphrodite, the goddess of love, were jealous of Adonis due to their affection for him. This jealousy played a crucial role in the myth’s narrative.

Does Adonis love Venus?

Yes, in Greek mythology, Adonis is the lover of Aphrodite, who is identified with the Roman goddess Venus.

Do Venus and Adonis kiss?

The specific details of their interactions can vary in different retellings of the myth, but kissing is not a universally emphasized aspect of the mythological narrative.

Did Adonis love Aphrodite?

Adonis did love Aphrodite. Their relationship is characterized by passion and deep affection, forming a significant part of Adonis’ myth.

Did Aphrodite like Adonis?

Yes, Aphrodite had a strong affection for Adonis, and their relationship is a central element in the myth. However, this love story takes a tragic turn in the mythological narrative of Adonis.

Conclusion: In conclusion, the meaning of Adonis transcends its dictionary definition. Rooted in mythology, it has become a symbol of male beauty, influencing language and cultural perceptions. The allure of an Adonis persists, reminding us of the timeless fascination with aesthetic excellence and the transient nature of beauty. Adonis Meaning

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